What's new?

Merger announcement

Combining our forces

We are excited to announce the merger of Principal Primary and Smart Software, with effect from 1 January 2013. See the merger announcement for more information.

Automatic combinations

Building in progress

Finally, after much research and trial and error, we have a function to automatically build combinations!

New forum

We have a forum! This is meant to provide more information and support to our users, as well as connect people to each other to share insight and experience. Please register and participate, let's make something useful to us all.

Smart Software and the Department of Education

Department of Education

As indicated in GDE Circular 51 of 2008, all schools in South Africa must upload learner information to the LURITS system by March 2010. We are currently making adjustments and additions in the Smart Software program to meet these requirements. Please note that future updates of our software will contain changes in this regard, and some changes may require user input. It is strongly suggested that our clients be informed about these requirements to avoid a "last minute" rush to have their data in a state of readiness.

Changes are also being implemented to complete the export of information into SA SAMS, as required by GDE circular 59 of 2008.

Note that the use of SA SAMS as a primary admin system is not compulsory - it may only be required to produce certain print-outs and exports.

Demonstration of trust

Pretoria Boys High School

We also wish to mention the compliment bestowed on Smart Software by Pretoria Boys High School. As loyal customers, the school recently purchased an indefinite license for the use of our software. This indicates tremendous trust and commitment to our project. We are grateful, thank you!!

Norkempark High School

Also, we wish to extend the same gratitude towards Norkempark High School. A Smart Software client since the 1980s, and using our Windows version since 2000, Norkempark High School has shown the same level of commitment to our project. A warm and hearty "Thank you" to the governing body and dedicated staff of this fine institution.

Fred Norman Secondary School

Described as "a shining light in education", Fred Norman Secondary School has also been a friend and customer of our business since the 1980s. Under strong leadership with focus on true norms and values, Fred Norman Secondary School recently committed to use Smart Software indefinitely. Our sincere gratitude to the principal and governing body, not only for their loyalty, but also for promoting our product to friends and colleges in other schools.

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